The Mask 

  • 100% Compostable 

  • Made in The Philippines 

  • 3 ply 100% abaca fiber

  • Washable up to 10x

Protect the planet, your community, and yourself. We've partnered with SHPII to create compostable face masks made from 100% abaca fiber. Developed to replace non-biodegradable single-use masks for businesses, events, and personal use. Disclaimer: These masks are not a replacement for medical industry use. 

The Fiber

Abaca, also known as Manila Hemp, is a type of banana species native to the Philippines. Abaca fiber is harvested from the stem of the leaves and is used around the Philippines for rope, twine, fishing nets, and baskets. The fiber is even more commonly pulped and used for tea bags, paper, banknotes, and now disposable masks. During the harvesting process zero roots are cut and the stem grows back within 3 months, making for a highly sustainable fiber. Due to the strong and extremely durable nature of the fiber, when tested by DOST-X, the masks have proven to repel a high percentage of water.  



The Maker 

SHPII is a Guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organization which impacts hundreds of lives for Salay locals, especially in the women sector. They manufacture globally competitive abaca products like greeting cards, calendars, and journals. Working with local raw materials for 30 years and providing consistent work to local farmers. We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with SHPII on this current need. 


Mask Sizing and Information

Mask Testing