Abaca Fiber Face Masks

100% compostable 

With a worldwide health pandemic and plastic crisis at hand, we have partnered with SHPII to develop a product that simultaneously protects the health of the planet, wildlife, and our people. 

We are excited to introduce the most environmentally sustainable solution for disposable face masks. Our compostable masks are made from the by-product of the Abaca tree. Abaca, also known as Manila hemp, is a native banana tree in the Philippines. The strong and durable fiber is extracted from the stem of the leaves. The roots are not cut in this process and the stock grows back within 3 months. Making for a fully sustainable lifecycle!

Made in the Philippines 

from 100% Abaca Fiber 

Decomposes within 60 days 


TM22 tested

The Problem 

The Solution

Humans are globally using and disposing of an estimated 129 billion face masks every single month since the pandemic started. The masks are exponentially clogging up the ocean, landfills, wildlife, and our health. 

mask Testing