Orera Technology provides affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative solutions to harmful packaging materials that are used daily. 

Our vision is to pave the way towards a cleaner future by reducing the worlds plastic waste.  We are doing away with the traditional method of use and dispose (linear economy), and implementing a sustainable closed-loop of using, reusing, and regenerating (circular economy)

Based in the Philippines, Orera Technology is a sustainable manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly products and packaging made exclusively from organically-sourced Areca palm leaves and bagasse sugarcane. Established in 2017, Orera Technology set out with a mission to introduce innovative products and packaging that dramatically reduce waste and pollution within the region. The company works with local communities, governments, and companies to create a truly sustainable means of consuming and recycling disposable goods and packaging. Orera Technology sells directly to businesses primarily within the foodservice, hospitality, and airline industries.

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Co-owners Francheska Zaide and Sheldyn Scarff are on a mission to protect and preserve the environment by offering eco-friendly products that better our lives and future. Sheldyn, a native of Seattle, Washington, and Francheska, a native of the Philippines, met in New York City while working in the Fashion Industry. Together, they witnessed the increase of plastic waste and trash pollution throughout the city due to the new food delivery services and 'on-demand' consumer consumption habits. Eager to contribute to a solution, the two set out to source fully compostable and truly sustainable food packaging alternatives. Settling in the Philippines, a country that produces 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste per year, they discovered the major lack of eco-friendly packaging alternatives and waste management systems. The duo is determined to help eliminate the countries plastic intake and create viable economic, environmental, and societal value to a country in need.